To date, I’ve published the following stories:

  • “The Case” — Bards and Sages Quarterly. A bit of trippy psychological horror.
  • “Touch” — Daily Science Fiction. A flash piece. A glimpse into a dystopian future. (Note: this was written and published pre-COVID-19, and it might not be a comfortable read for anyone who’s suffered due to the pandemic.)
  • “In Bocca” — StarShipSofa. My sincerest thanks to Anthony Babington for narrating this audio story that explores the impact of trauma all while taking some (I hope) surprising turns in terms of genre tropes.
  • “Strings” — Electric Spec. Contemporary fantasy, and my first real go at a coming-of-age narrative.
  • “Seconds Last” — After Dinner Conversation. They’re having the time of their afterlife…maybe.
  • “The Earth Has Bubbles” — Pulp Literature. I reimagine Shakespeare’s Macbeth from the perspective of Banquo’s ghost. My undying gratitude to the Bard.
  • “A Greevbinian Parent Abroad” — Cast of Wonders. Thank you to Jeremy Carter for reading this for the audio production. In my story, the second of two, even alien parents struggle sometimes…

Feel free to let me know what you think of these!